October Latin Gossip Archives

Kate Del Castillo Denies Romance With Sean Penn

Kate Del Castillo is squashing the rumors…she is NOT hooking up with Sean Penn. The two were together in Mexico, which sparked talk that the two were an item. However, that doesn’t mean she is alone. She is on the cover of “Hola” magazine and told them: “Sola, sola, no estoy; tengo mis guardaditos. Claro […]

Sofia Castro Back to Telenovelas

Sofia Castro is getting back to telenovelas! She has signed on to act in “El Hotel De Los Secretos”. Sofia had taken some time off away from the spotlight and it was assumed that it was because of the controversial tragedy of the students of Ayotzinapa – but she says no. Being part of the […]

Maribel Guardia Robbed in Miami

Maribel Guardia was robbed! The actress and singer was at a Starbucks in Miami and she says someone swiped the money in her wallet – where, she added, she kept all her savings. We assume her savings for her Miami trip, right? Maribel shared the story on Facebook and mentioned that she is just glad […]

Julio Preciado Detained Over an Electric Bill

Julio Preciado was detained by authorities on Tuesday and was later bailed out. He is being accused of fraud – and it’s all over his electric bill. Seriously. The Regional Mexican singer claims that he isn’t a fraudulent person, but got sick and tired of the high rates he was being charged so he sued […]

Ricky Martin Gets Taylor Swift Loca at Miami Show

Taylor Swift performed in Miami on Tuesday and surprised everyone by bringing Ricky Martin on stage with her! Taylor told the crowd: “I’m about to bring out somebody whose album I bought when I was 10. When he came out, he paved the way for so many incredible Latin artists to cross over to pop […]