September Latin Gossip Archives

Salma Hayek Reminds Us That All Lives Matter

Salma Hayek did a whole lot of good this weekend! She participated in the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, New York and had a very important message to share to the over 60,000 people that showed up. Salma and Queen Rania talked to the crowd about placing heart in the Syrian refugee situation. They […]

Jennifer Lopez Working With United Nations

JLo for girls and women!! Jennifer Lopez is basically getting a new job. She is becoming the first-ever Global Advocate for Girls and Women at the United Nations Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to building support for and advancing the causes of the U.N. Her role will focus on mobilizing action to address major challenges for […]

Juanes Meets Pope Francis But Doesn’t Sing For Him

Juanes got to meet Pope Francis backstage in Philadelphia. He was supposed to sing for him as well, but that didn’t happen. The Pope left right before Juanes took the stage – surely having to do with his schedule. Juanes still performed for the HUGE crowd and was the only Latin artist to do so. […]

Larry Hernandez Arrested After Being Accused of Kidnapping

Larry Hernandez has been arrested. Several weeks ago he was accused of kidnapping but he adamantly denied it. Regardless, he was detained at the airport in Ontario, California – for apparently kidnapping and beating a man in South Caroline for not paying him his fee for one of his musical performances. According to reports, the […]

Mauricio Mejia Comes Out as Gay on Snapchat

Mauricio Mejia has come out. The actor and television host revealed that he is gay in a very nonchalant manner – he simply started talking about a relationship he had with a man named Pepe some years ago. From that he touched a little on how his family reacted when they found out…and that’s it. […]