August Latin Gossip Archives

Prince Royce Attends MTV Video Music Awards

Check him out!! Going far, baby! Prince Royce attended the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards – dressed in white. He is seriously making a transition, or crossover, into the English mainstream market, so a ticket to the VMAs is certainly a step in the right direction! Nice surprise to see Royce there.

Diego Forlan and Wife Expecting

Another soccer baby is coming! Diego Forlan and his wife are expecting! Efe had spilled the beans several days ago – and now it has been confirmed by the Uruguayan sports star. The sex of the baby is unknown…even by the happy couple! Congrats!

Laura Zapata Insults Laura Bozzo on Twitter

The battle between Laura Zapata and Laura Bozzo keeps on going strong! They’ve been insulting each other for a few weeks, and now Laura Z has picked it up. She tweeted the following: “Y esta cacatúa de Laura Bozzo sigue hablando mal de mí, una primera actriz mexicana, quien apoya a esta irredenta. #FueraLauraBozzodeMexico” and […]

Chicharito Talks About Girlfriend and Sounds Very Much in Love

Someone is in loooooove! Javier Chicharito Hernandez was interviewed by “Cream” and he talked openly about his girlfriend Lucia Villalon – and he sounds heads over heels about her. He said: “Lucía llegó en un momento de mi vida en el que me rescató, porque yo estaba viviendo un momento muy complicado. Estaba perdido emocionalmente…Futbolísticamente […]

Johnny Lozada Out of El Reencuentro

Johnny Lozada is out…out of the band. He and four other ex-Menudo members (Rey, Charlie, Rene, and Miguel) were going to tour’ under a new name called El Reencuentro. Johnny has decided to abandon ship. Apparently, it was something do with how the were going to be paid…it seems that no payment would be made […]