August Latin Gossip Archives

Salma Hayek and Malala Yousafzai Meet

Salma Hayek got together with one of the most moving people on the planet – Malala Yousafzai. She took a photo with the Nobel-winning activist and hurried to get it on Instagram with an important message. She said: “With Malala Yousafzai, who is a light to the world and one of my inspirations and her […]

Armando Manzanero Suing Knorr For Using Song Without Permission

He wants his moneyyyy! Armando Manzanero is suing the company Unilever for using one of his songs to sell their products – without asking for permission first. He claims that the song “Contigo Aprendi” was unlawfully used in Knorr commercials. Armando says he never gave his OK for his music to go on there. According […]

Los Cadillacs Airplane Crashes at Airport

SCARY! The plane that Los Cadillacs and Aran de las Casas were traveling in crashed! They were landing at Aeropuerto Oscar Machado Zuloaga in Charallave but the airplane didn’t come to a stop as planned. The plane kept on speeding through and over a grass mound – finally coming to a rest. Thankfully, nobody died […]

Juanes and Family Slimed at Kids Choice Awards

So much fun!! Juanes was recognized at the Kids Choice Awards Colombia for his hard work with his Fundación Mi Sangre – and, just to add a special touch to it all, his wife and kids presented him with the award. But wait…it gets better! They got slimed!! The green stuff started spewing out at […]

Selena Gomez With Squad in Tow at MTV VMAs

Selena Gomez had her squad by her side! She went to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards – but not alone. No, no. She wasn’t accompanied by some new boyfriend or anything like that. She attended with Taylor Swift and her costars of the “Bad Blood” music video. It was certainly girl power at the […]