July Latin Gossip Archives

Thalia Denies Talking Trash About Sandra Bullock

Thalia wants to clear something up – she did NOT talk trash about Sandra Bullock. There was a rumor going around that she had said she didn’t like Sandra’s interpretation of the character Scarlet Overkill in the “Minions” movie. As you know, Thalia voiced the Spanish version of the film. The Mexican singer took to […]

Eva Longoria Makes It Clear She Does Wear Glasses

Eva Longoria has written an open letter on social media blasting a story which suggested she is promoting an eye wear campaign even though she does not wear glasses. She recently toured Australia promoting a brand of seeing eyeglasses, but her appointment as the brand’s style ambassador was criticized by a reporter for the Sydney […]

Gabriel Soto Teaches Daughter to Ride Bike

This is a big moment for any child and father. Gabriel Soto taught his daughter how to ride her bike in Miami. The actor ran alongside Elisa Marie, guarding her from any falls, as she learned to maneuver on two wheels. He said it himself…proud father. CLICK HERE to see the vid.

Miguel El Piojo Herrera Booted From Mexican Soccer Team

Miguel ‘El Piojo’ Herrera is no longer the coach of the national Mexican soccer team. He was fired after hitting journalist Christian Martinoli at the Philadelphia airport. The soccer federation said they made the decision because in the sport there is no tolerance for violence. Christian explains that he saw Miguel at the airport and […]

Shakira Shows Off Baby Sasha Soccer Kick

Following in daddy’s footsteps!! You know parents are always showing off their kids’ talents – well, here we see Shakira and Gerard Pique letting everyone see their littlest one kicking a soccer ball. Sasha is only six months old but understands that a soccer ball is to be kicked. Even better than baby’s moves are […]