June Latin Gossip Archives

Donald Trump Suing Univision

Donald Trump is going after Univision. The network terminated its relationship with him and will not take part in the Miss Universe events as planned. This after Trump said Mexicans are rapists that bring crime and drugs to The United States. Still, he is getting his legal team involved and going after the TV network. […]

Juan Magan Receives Multiplatinum Digital Award at LatinIBIZAte

Juan Magan had a major moment during the LatinIBIZAte party in Spain. He put on an awesome show and then received an award. We’d say he had a very good night. Juan received a Multiplatinum Digital award for the sales of his singles “Mal de Amores”, “Como el Viento”, “Falling in Love”, “Tentándome”, “Si No […]

Cristian De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez Quit Trump Too

Cristian De La Fuente and Roselyn Sanchez “quit” as hosts of Miss USA after Donald Trump’s insulting remarks against Mexicans and Latinos. Cristian went as far as to call Donald a clown. We say “quit” in quotation marks because neither was going to be the host of the official transmission – only the Spanish-language one […]

James Rodriguez Makes Young Fan Dream Come True

This just gives us the feels! A young sports fan named Miguel Angel Ortiz was waiting for the Colombian soccer team in Chile as they made their way out of the bus. He called out the names of several players but only James Rodriguez walked up to say hello. Miguel Angel started crying and James […]

Jose Ron Shows Major Love For Backstreet Boys at Concert

Who knew Jose Ron was such a big fan of The Backstreet Boys????? He did not miss out on the Mexico City concert of the boy band – and it seems like he prepared for weeks! He had the dance moves down and knew all of the lyrics!! Someone really loves BSB. You HAVE to […]