March Latin Gossip Archives

Ricky Martin’s Kids Make Way From San Juan to Australia

Adorable times two! Ricky Martin‘s kids, Matteo and Valentino, were snapped at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico by “Primera Hora” as they made their way to their flight to Australia to see daddy. The glasses, the camo…too cute!

Jennifer Lopez Caught Kissing Casper Smart

Back on?? Looks like it! TMZ has published a pic of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart smooching. So, is this just how they say hi and bye or is this love reloaded??

Zuleyka Rivera’s Dad Wanted by The Law in Puerto Rico

Zuleyka Rivera‘s dad is apparently wanted by the law in Puerto Rico! A house own by the former Miss Universe and her family was broken into – and two jet skis were stolen along with some jewelry. Two men were apprehended and now the court wants Zuleyka’s dad present during the trial – but he […]

Ninel Conde Says No Jail Time For Her

Is Ninel Conde at risk of being thrown in jail?? She says NO. According to some, she could be locked up for failing to show up to two separate court obligations involving her ex – who is currently behind bars for allegedly stealing money from her. Ninel’s doesn’t think her no-shows mean a thing and […]

Chicharito’s New Girlfriend Lucia Villalon Front and Center

You know how nosey we are!! We showed you the cover of “Hola” where Chicharito is macking on his new girlfriend – but we didn’t get a clear shot of her. Here she is front and center. Lucia Villalon. Guapa!!