December Latin Gossip Archives

Ricky Martin Reveals Track List of Next Album

Ricky Martin is getting ready for the February release of his new album “A Quien Quiera Escuchar”. We already know the lead single of the album – “Adiós” – and now he gives us the names of the rest of the tracks. CLICK HERE to see.

Yolandita Monge and Family Write Letter to Noelia

Noelia‘s family has responded to her harsh remarks and words since Topy Mamery‘s death. What they have to say is very direct. They do not mince words. CLICK HERE to see what they publicly wrote to Noelia.

Gaby Espino and Elizabeth Gutierrez Celebrate at Christmas Party

Sometimes we wish we were a fly on the wall! Gaby Espino and Elizabeth Gutierrez bumped into each other at a Christmas party in Miami and the two chatted for a bit. 2014 was a big year for them both – but for something not so hot – they both started off with men in […]

Jennifer Lopez Twins Ready For The Holidays

Jennifer Lopez‘s twins are ready for the holidays! Here we see Emme and Max striking a pose in festive glasses and festive pajamas in front of a decorated tree. They are so big!

Juanes Son Gets Fake Tattoo Just Like Dad

This is too cute! Juanes and his son Dante has a father-son moment having to do with tattoos. His boy got a fake tattoo almost identical to his and in the same spot on his arm. It’s in the blood!