September Latin Gossip Archives

Lionel Messi Grabbed by the Throat by Weligton

Woah, boys! Malaga defender Weligton claims he grabbed Lionel Messi by the throat because the Barcelona forward had insulted him by calling him a “son of a bitch.” Weligton was shown a

Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Training to be Just Like Mom

Cute on all levels. Jennifer Lopez posed in her big sunglasses and fur as she made her way back into the country from an overseas trip. As she was taking a nap, her daughter, Emme, grabbed the accessories and put them on! Future diva in training!

Lucero Hasn’t Been Invited to Participate in Teleton

Lucero has always been a part of the Teleton – in fact, she has been the main face of it for many years. Well, not this time around. She has revealed that she hasn’t been invited to participate – and it obviously has to do with her new gig. You see, she is hosting “Yo […]

Ricky Martin Will Allow His Kids to Get Tattoos

Ricky Martin has plenty of tattoos so he was asked if he would allow his kids to get inked themselves. He said yes – but as long as there is a meaning behind them. “I think it’s fine, I don’t have an issue with those kinds of things. As long as there is a meaning […]

Antonio Banderas Points Out Carlos Slim Scholarship Achievements

Through his foundation, Carlos Slim has offered yet another 10,000 scholarships and Antonio Banderas was right there to point it out. The actor gave a speech saying that Carlos has given back to the community. He also noted that the second richest man in the world has provided scholarships to 240,000 students – to which […]