July Latin Gossip Archives

Gilberto Santa Rosa Returns as Host of Pelaos Con Salsa

Gilberto Santa Rosa is back to hosting “Pelaos Con Salsa” for Telemetro out of Panama. This is the second season of the salsa singing competition which puts up a group of young kids to compete and perform in the tropical genre. We love that it’s so specific to a kind of Latin music and the […]

Ricardo Arjona Gives Teaser of New Video Lo Poco Que Tengo

Ricardo Arjona is showing us a quick clip behind-the-scenes of his new video. It’s for the single “Lo Poco Que Tengo” and he shot it in gorgeous Roatan, Honduras. CLICK HERE to see the preview of his vid!

Yuri Compares Herself to Cher

Yuri is out and about talking to the press since it was announced that she would be a coach on “La Voz Mexico”. They’ve been asking her everything – but our favorite is when she talks about her longtime career. She compared herself to Cher, saying: “I relate more to Cher, whom at her 68 […]

Ricky Martin Accused of Stealing Vida

Ricky Martin is being sued by a former “Idol Puerto Rico” contestant named Luis Adrian because he claims he stole his song. What had happened was…Luis submitted a song and video in a contest that was to name a winning song used for the World Cup. Well, he claims that he made it to the […]

Cristian Castro IS the Father After Paternity Test Comes Back Positive

Cristian Castro officially has three daughters now. According to Mexican media, the singer is now recognizing that he IS the father of a girl Rafaella – whom he had with a Colombian woman – after the paternity test results came back as positive. Cristian will now apparently provide for the girl with child support. Several […]