June Latin Gossip Archives

Yandel Releases Video to Single Dejate Amar as Chosen by Fans

Yandel has his new one out! His second song as a solo artist is “Dejate Amar” and it was chosen by his fans as his latest single. CLICK HERE to check out the video!

Dulce Maria Goes Bare

Woah! We almost didn’t recognize Dulce Maria! The singer and actress posted a photo on Instagram in which she is wearing no makeup. She got up early to drink some coffee and decided to share with the world – very brave of her!!

Belinda Opens Karaoke Bar in Mexico City Called La Chismosa

Belinda has opened a karaoke bar in Mexico City and she had a premiere party to get people talking about it. The place is called “La Chismosa” and she arrived on the red carpet with none other than her brother Nacho. Actually he is her business partner in this new venture so we wish the […]

Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini, Yuri, and Julion Alvarez Rumored as Coaches

Rumors about the coaches of the next season of “La Voz Mexico”! It’s being said that Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini, Yuri, and Julion Alvarez are going to be sitting in the revolving red chairs in the Mexican version of the show. We hear only one is left to the sign the contract before it’s all […]

Maite Perroni Releases Deluxe Edition of Her Latest Album

Maite Perroni has re-released her album. “Eclipse de luna Deluxe Edition” includes all of the original songs plus a couple of new tracks including a song she recorded with Alex Ubago and, of course, “Vas a Querer Volver” which is the theme song of her latest novela “La Gata”. She’s hoping the success on TV […]