May Latin Gossip Archives

Eugenio Derbez Pregnant on Moi Magazine Cover

Eugenio Derbez is on the cover of “Moi” magazine – but that’s not really the news here. As you can see, he is pregnant in the photo! The irony here is that his wife IS really pregnant so perhaps this is a sympathy shot for her and everything she is putting up with for nine […]

Jennifer Lopez Releases Visually Beautiful First Love Music Video

Jennifer Lopez has released the video for “First Love” – which features male model David Gandy. It is visually beautiful!! The black and white imagery is spectacular! CLICK HERE to see!

Belinda and Multimillion Dollar TV Azteca Deal Not True

Is Belinda heading to TV Azteca?? It was being said that she was in negotiations to sign a contract with the Mexican TV network that was worth some pretty big bucks! The deal was supposedly worth 4 million dollars for five years of work – which included telenovelas and reality shows. However, this is all […]

Tito Torbellino Murdered

Another tragedy in the Regional Mexican world. Tito Torbellino was murdered in Mexico on Thursday afternoon. According to reports, the singer was enjoying a meal with two friends at a restaurant when six armed men approached him shooting him in the head and chest. He was transported to the hospital but died on the way. […]

Ricky Martin Sings With Famous Nun on The Voice Italy

Ricky Martin performed on “The Voice Italy” and it was most definitely a fun performance. He sang a medley of his hits with the contestants of the show…including the super famous singing nun! CLICK HERE to watch!