April Latin Gossip Archives

Celebrity Kid Photos to Celebrate Día Del Niño

Today is el Día del Niño in Mexico so what better way to celebrate than to check out the kid pics of celebrities?? It’s really amazing to see how some have completely changed while others look almost exactly the same!! CLICK HERE to check out the photos!!

Juan Gabriel Plans to Kick Off Tour Again on September 5th

Juan Gabriel continues to recover from respiratory problems…AND doctors say that he may resume his tour in September. We just got word that El divo de Juarez will make his return to the stage, stronger than ever, on September 5th at the Miami American Airlines Arena and will perform at all the cities where he […]

Naya Rivera Fired From Glee

Naya Rivera is OUT! The actress has been fired from the musical series “Glee” – this after a very well-known feud with fellow star Lea Michele. The “New York Daily News” writes that Naya “went off” during a disagreement with the show’s producers, and that her contract for season six has not been renewed. There […]

Charytin Replaced by Albita on Mega TV Show

Charytin is no longer on a nightly show with Felipe Viel. The Dominican star had been hosting a show on Mega TV with the Chilean host – but that’s all changing now. Charytin will be replaced by Albita Rodriguez. There are some people saying that

Angelica Vale Having a Boy

We all know Angelica Vale is pregnant again. Now we know the sex of the baby. She revealed that she is having a boy. Angelica says she broke the tradition of having just girls – so with that breaks the tradition of the Angelica name…thank goodness!