March Latin Gossip Archives

Manny Manuel Accused of 300 Dollar Theft

Say it ain’t so, Manny Manuel!! There seems to be a new scandal looming in MM’s life. This one at least isn’t current – it’s just that nobody knew about it until now. The WAPA show “Lo Sé Todo” revealed documents that proved that Manny got in trouble with the law for stealing something worth […]

Reinas De Realty Give LatinGossip a Real Estate Lesson and More

Everyone is talking about “Reinas De Realty”! The hot mun2 show has stuck a chord because of its many elements that pop including being Latina in the US, business(woman) practices, self-employment, motherhood, and more! That being said, we just had to catch up with the ‘reinas’ Liz Perez and Jackie Mateos – so we called […]

Cantinflas Son Praises Cantinflas The Movie

The worldwide debut of “Cantinflas” got the best ‘thumbs-up’ possible. From Mario Moreno Ivanova, son of Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”! He was wowed by Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada‘s interpretation of his father. His words: “It’s a gem, it’s magnificent, the acting is one-of-a-kind, it’s impressive, I am very satisfied. Oscar truly moved me with this movie.” […]

Maffio Back With Manager After Legal Dispute

It’s been two years since Maffio and his manager, Robert Fernandez, got into a legal beef with each other. This all finally came to a close. The two came to a new agreement and will continue working with each other. Maffio said: “We are imperfect beings and we make mistakes, but we have to know […]

Ximena Navarrete Makes Cameo in Belinda’s Music Video

While one Miss Universe gets ugly for a good social movement, another gets pretty for a music video. Oh the juxtaposition. Ximena Navarrete dolled up for Belinda‘s new video “I love You…Te Quiero”. Judging by this behind-the-scenes pic from the set, the two looks to be channeling a 1920s style for the vid.