March Latin Gossip Archives

Raul Gonzalez Joins Telemundo

From Univision to Telemundo! Raul Gonzalez joins Telemundo to develop and host a new variety series and will contribute to multiple series and specials. The first of such specials he will host will be the Billboard Latin Music Awards to be broadcast live on Telemundo on April 24th at 7p/6c. That was a quick move…even […]

Rene Perez of Calle 13 Punches Fan in The Gut During Concert

Rene Perez of Calle 13 hit a fan on stage this weekend! It all went down when a male fan jumped up on stage and grabbed Rene while he was performing. That’s where the artist punched him in the gut!! Rene explains that he did hit him because he was being choked by the fan […]

Ricky Martin Takes Over Finale of The Voice Arabia

Ricky Martin is taking over the versions of “The Voice” outside of The US. Not only is he once again a judge on the third season of “The Voice Australia”, he also performed “Come With Me” and “Adrenalina” on the finale of “The Voice Arabia” this past weekend. The show attracted an audience of 130 […]

Joan Sebastian Does Jaripeo For a Last Time

This just puts a frown on our face. Joan Sebastian, known as El Rey Del Jaripeo, has said goodbye to ‘jaripeo’. The legendary singer-songwriter has ridden his last horse during a performance on Saturday. He has been on horses for five decades but now it’s time to put that in the past. He opened his […]

Cecilia Galliano Had Cancerous Cysts After Second Pregnancy

Cecilia Galliano has revealed that she had cancerous cysts! A reporter asked the TV host if she plans on having more kids and she says she’s afraid of getting pregnant again. The reason is because she had to undergo an operation due to cancerous cysts that appeared on her ovaries after her second pregnancy. Ceci […]