February Latin Gossip Archives

Rene Perez of Calle 13 Says He’s Going to be a Dad

Rene Perez IS going to be a dad! He said so himself! During an interview with El Circo de la Mega, the Calle 13 frontman said: “I am going to be a father.” A couple of weeks ago we told you that his wife was rumored to be pregnant and now we get confirmed new […]

Jaime Camil and Wife Expecting Second Child

Good news! Jaime Camil and Heidi Balvanera are expecting another baby! This will make child number two for the couple. Their daughter Elena is going to have a sibling! According to Jaime, their toddler Elena made mention about a new baby before mom and dad even knew! Congrats!

Michelle Rodriguez Shares Naked Meditation Pic

Many paparazzi go to great lengths to shoot celebrities naked! Well, Michelle Rodriguez just made it easy for them. While on vacation in Thailand, Michelle got to meditating outdoors – with NO clothes on! THEN she shared a pic of the nude moment online for all to see.

Carlos Vives Poses and Performs For Fans in Viña Del Mar

Carlos Vives is in Chile for Viña Del Mar and the fans are on the lookout for him. He was leaving a restaurant after a dinner and there was a crowd waiting for him as he exited. As gratitude, he took photos with them all and then sang “Volví a Nacer” right there on the […]

Belinda VS Carmen Salinas

It’s Belinda VS Carmen Salinas! Carmen’s godson, Abraham Batarse, is starting a career in music and he called Belinda to see if she wanted to sing a duet with him. Belinda turned him down, BUT said that she