December Latin Gossip Archives

Enrique Iglesias Swims Naked in The Ocean at Night

If you’re in Enrique Iglesias and live in Miami then listen up. The singer has revealed one of his favorite pastimes and it’s pretty frisky and risky! EI told the “Miami Herald” that he loves to head out to the ocean in the middle of the night and swim naked!! That’s right…he thinks it’s a […]

Residente Wants to Give Up US Citizenship, But Won’t

Residente of Calle 13 wants to give up his US citizenship. He is saying he wants to do this to prove a point. You see, what he actually wants is to have a Puerto Rican citizenship – but there is no such thing. He says that if he were to actually give up the US […]

Ninel Conde May be Villain in New Juan Osorio Novela

More novela news! Ninel Conde…a villain?? Could be! It’s being said in Mexico that she may take the role of the antagonist in a new Juan Osorio novela. We can already see her being evil!

Sherlyn Undergoing Treatment to Get Pregnant

Sherlyn REALLY wants a baby. So much, that she is undergoing treatment to get preggers. She told “Televisa Espectaculos” the following: “I am taking folic acid, as we all know it’s very important. I am taking omegas to be super strong and have my system ready for when it sticks.” Her husband is also undergoing […]

Daniel Arenas Cast as Lead in La Gata Remake

Get ready to see a lot more of Daniel Arenas! The Colombian actor has been cast as the lead male in the remake of the novela “La Gata”. It’s being said that Daniel’s female lead will be Maite Perroni. Daniel’s career has really taken off since breaking through in “Teresa” and then winning over the […]