August Latin Gossip Archives

Cristian Castro Reschedules Twice-Postponed Show

Making it up! Cristian Castro was supposed to perform in Chile in December of last year. He canceled that show and said he would return in February to sing – but he also ended up canceling that show! Now he is promising to return to the country and perform this twice-postponed concert. Hopefully this time […]

Pique, Messi, Iniesta, and Friends in New Airline Ad

What a fantastic commercial! Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, and a few other Barcelona players are featured in a new TV spot of an airline. We want to go to this magical land where Pique greets us with a serious face! CLICK HERE to watch!

Yahir May Be Seeing His Backup Singer

Looks like Yahir has got himself a new girlfriend! Her name is Alex and she sings backup for him! They are at that stage where they are seeing each other but haven’t solidified a relationship. They look cute together!

Alejandro Fernandez Presents New Album With New Face

We can’t be the only ones to notice this! Alejandro Fernandez presented his new album, titled “Confidencias”, and his face certainly looks altered! There were moments he looked OK and then moments he was warped. Please tell us you see it too!

Laura Zapata, Thalia, and Grandma Battle in Court

More drama between Laura Zapata and Thalia. No surprise here. The deal is Laura and her grandmother are taking Thalia to court over support for the expenses grandma has. Also, they claim Thalia owes granny money. The details of the lawsuit are that grandma is ill and currently spends and needs money for three nurses […]