June Latin Gossip Archives

La Chilindrina Will Tell All in Autobiography

Maria Antonieta de las Nieves wants to let everyone know everything! She has prepared an autobiography and says that she did not omit anything in it. The actress shared that she literally wants to be an open book – even discussing the problems she has faced in recent years. Now the question is, do we […]

El Americano Features Impressive Latino Cast

The first 3D film targeted for a Hispanic audience! Some of our favorites make up part of the cast of the film “El Americano”. The movie stars

Ernesto Laguardia is Now a Businessman

Ernesto Laguardia is getting into the fragrance game. He is releasing “Angelito de Laguardia” and the slogan is “De un niño feliz, resulta un mejor ser humano”. The host and actor will then open up spots for children’s parties and event. We’re a little confused, but maybe there’s a good business here?

Belinda Video Being Investigated For Manipulated Views

Uh oh! Did Belinda and her fans manipulate the views on her latest video “En La Obscuridad”?? A few weeks ago, it was announced that the music video had reached more than 100 million views – a HUGE accomplishment. However, it’s being reported that the artist and her followers cheated to achieve those numbers! YouTube […]

Noelia Back on The Stage

Look who is back! Noelia is trying to make a comeback and she started with a performance in Los Angeles. Looking sexy and happy, the singer plans on performing in various cities around the US to make sure we all know she is back. Miss her?