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Ximena Navarrete Breaks Up With Boyfriend

Ximena Navarrete has broken up with her boyfriend!!! She revealed to “Hola” that she is currently single, saying: “Jaime Mayol and I ended our relationship a month and a half ago. Right now my life is the telenovela and I don’t have time for anything else.” You know, before she started shooting “La Tempestad” the […]

Arath de la Torre Apologizes Over Naco Comment

Arath de la Torre finds himself in hot water. The Mexican actor published the following message on Twitter: “The bad thing about Twitter is that any naco can insult you.” ‘Naco’ is widely used to insult people of a lower class and social level so many people took this comment as a discriminatory one. He […]

Elena Tablada Talks After Drunk Driving Arrest

Elena Tablada speaks for the first time since being arrested for driving drunk in Spain! David Bisbal‘s ex-girlfriend and baby mamma was pulled over after running a red light a little after five in the morning this weekend. She took a breathalyzer test – clocking in at three times over the legal limit! Here we […]

Mexicano Caught After Escaping Rehab

Escaped…but caught! Mexicano escaped a Puerto Rican rehab center but has since been found and detained once again. The rapper was fulfilling a rehabilitation treatment as part of a sentence he received for a domestic violence incident. Out of nowhere, he escaped rehab and was being hunted down by police in Puerto Rico. The authorities […]

Daddy Yankee’s Daughter Graduates High School

This daddy is proud! Daddy Yankee‘s daughter, Yamilette, graduated from high school and the urban music star couldn’t be prouder. He became a dad as a teen which is why he is now a father of a high school graduate at 35. Daddy said he achieved his goal of making his daughter an exemplary girl […]