November Latin Gossip Archives

Charytin Shares Truth About Past With Hola

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen her on TV everyday, so any glimpse of Charytin Goyco is really a treat. She graces the cover of Hola Puerto Rico and in it she reveals some truth about her early life that she just discovered. Apparently she thought she was born in Spain but has […]

Canelo Alvarez Really Into Belinda

Ooooh this sounds like it’s definitely ON! We told you that Belinda and Canelo Alvarez were seen together at the Madonna concert in Mexico (photo here) and now he is speaking out about his feelings over her! He told Hoy: “Of course, she sings beautifully and she is gorgeous, she has a lot of talent […]

Alejandro Chaban Meets President Barack Obama

When Alejandro Chaban met Barack Obama! The symbol of well-being, fitness, and nutrition for the Latino world came face-to-face with the President of The United States thanks to his ongoing mission of helping Latinos live a healthier lifestyle through his Yes You Can plan. Could this be the beginning of some initiative the two work […]

Ilia Calderon First Real Look at Baby Anna

Hello princess! Ilia Calderon and her man Eugene Jang have been parents for one month and to celebrate they did a little photo shoot with their baby Anna. This photo is the first time we get to see her, since we had only seen her feet. We just knew the multicultural mix between daddy and […]

Gaby Espino & Jencarlos Canela Moving to LA

Pasión Prohibida will be Jencarlos Canela‘s last novela before his contract is up with Telemundo. Next up is Hollywood! JC is moving out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of acting in movies. So what is Gaby Espino going to do?? Follow him of course! She’s not about to let him be alone with […]