November Latin Gossip Archives

Charytin Goyco Almost Cast as Sofia Vergara’s Mom

OMG. We now know that Elizabeth Peña will be playing Sofia Vergara‘s mom on Modern Family…but she wasn’t the only one that was up for the role. LatinGossip has learned that Charytin Goyco was also being considered! In fact, she was THIS close to getting the part! We don’t doubt in Elizabeth’s talent but Charytin […]

Belinda Asked to Pay Up For Music Video

Director Julio Carlos Ramos wants his money! He claims that Belinda has not paid for the making of the video of the song Amor Transgenico and about three tour drop videos. Pretty much she forgot about those videos because her album was shelved and the tour never happened. Julio says that she owes him and […]

Mariana Seoane Joins Perfume de Gardenia

Mariana Seoane has officially joined the cast of Perfume De Gardenia. After months of whispers that she’d be taking on a role in the play, she finally does. The peculiar news here isn’t the actual confirmation, it actually has more to do with the timing. Mariana was saying that Aracely Arambula didn’t want her in […]

Carlos Baute Did Father a Child at Fifteen

It IS true! Carlos Baute has long been battling accusations that he is the father of a 23-year-old guy, but no more. The singer is now saying that he is indeed his pops. Carlos was 15 at the time when he slept with a 13-year-old fan. Finally after all of these years, the young man […]

Gaby Spanic’s Former Assistant Acquitted

She was acquitted! Maria Celeste Fernandez, former assistant to Gaby Spanic, has been cleared of the charges of poisoning the actress and her family! Two years ago Gaby had her arrested after supposedly falling ill due to a toxin that Maria Celeste was giving her in her food. This was a major story that drew […]