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El Gordo y La Flaca Take on Batman For Halloween

Na na na na…Fatman! The team over at El Gordo y La Flaca became superheroes and villains on Halloween! Raul De Molina went as Batman, actually his own version called Fatman and Lili Estefan meowing as Catwoman! Rodner Figueroa dressed up as Robin and Alejandra Espinoza as Wonder Woman. Our favorite?? Carlitos The Producer as […]

Un Nuevo Día Ladies Get All Bloody

Telemundo got into the Halloween spirit too. Un Nuevo Dia‘s Adamari Lopez, Azucena Cierco, and Rashel Diaz all dressed up this October 31st. A nurse, Cleopatra, and some kind of Heidi German outfit. They didn’t match, but they did decide to go all bloody!

Ellen Degeneres’ Costume is Sofia Vergara Emmy Mishap

One of the best costumes EVER! Ellen Degeneres dressed up as Sofia Vergara for Halloween! Not just any Sofia…it’s the Sofia from the Emmy Awards complete with wardrobe malfunction! This is so funny!! You know you’ve made it big when A-list Hollywood celebrities dress up as you for Halloween!

RegionalMex Morphs Stars Into Halloween Characters

They so got this right! RegionalMex.com is celebrating Halloween by morphing some of the biggest names in the music genre into classic Halloween characters! Here we see Espinoza Paz as Frankenstein…but they’ve also got Gerardo Ortiz, Jenni Rivera, Julion Alvarez, Horacio Palencia, and Larry Hernandez. Hysterical! CLICK HERE to see the photos!!

Despierta America Dresses Up as The Addams Family

This is spooktacular! The Despierta America gang dressed up as The Addams Family! Karla Martinez, Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Alejandro Chaban, Johnny Lozada, and Raul Gonzalez all payed tribute to the ghastly family on Wednesday’s Halloween show. They nailed it, don’t you think???