September Latin Gossip Archives

Yahir About to Board Doomed Helicopter

Yahir is thanking God more than ever. Last week it was rumored that he died in a helicopter crash in Mexico but as it turned out Yahir WAS supposed to be in the chopper! The singer explains that he was going to ride in the helicopter but decided not to at the last moment. Tragically, […]

Alejandro Sanz New Album, Number 1, & Nominations

This is turning out to be Alejandro Sanz‘s week! His new album “La Música No Se Toca” was released on Tuesday and a few short hours later it debuted at #1 on iTunes Latino. The lead single “No Me Compares” reached number one on the Billboard charts as well. As if that wasn’t enough, the […]

Marc Anthony & Tony Bennett Premiere Video

Marc Anthony and Tony Bennett have premiered the video of their duet For Once In My Life. Do yourselves a favor and watch it. It really is a wonderful rendition of the classic hit. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Aaron Diaz & Lola Ponce Having a Girl

Less than a month after they confirmed the pregnancy we find out the sex! Hola reports that Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce are having a girl! So cute! Soon we’ll be seeing him walking around with a stroller and his hija in it or his daughter in his arms. Now, what to name her!

Penelope Cruz and Mother-in-Law Air Kiss

She loves her mother-in-law but please only air kisses on the red carpet! Penelope Cruz bumped into her hubby’s mother, Pilar Bardem, at a San Sebastian Film Festival event and the two embraced immediately. The actress was done up with hair and makeup so Pilar did the sensible thing and kissed the air on the […]