September Latin Gossip Archives

Ana De La Reguera Hosts Cinderella Screening

Ana De La Reguera hosted a screening in California on Wednesday but it wasn’t for one of her movies. Nope, this was a special event to celebrate a re-release of the classic animated film Cinderella. The actress was invited by Disney to host because they believe “she best embodies Cinderella with her timeless beauty, grace, […]

Mana Performing at Obama Campaign

Mana will be with President Barack Obama this Sunday! The rock stars will perform at the president’s Grassroots Campaign Event in Las Vegas. The press release about Mana and Obama uniting includes information about how much the leader of our country cares about the Latino community – and the Mexican band is obviously a supporter […]

William Levy Visits Senior Citizen Home

If you’re a fan of William Levy then you’re going to love him even more…and if you’re just not that into him, well this may help change your mind. The hunky hunk spent some time with a more experienced group in Miami. He headed on over to a senior citizen’s home to bring happiness to […]

Luis Miguel With Lucila Polak, Ex Lashes Out

Looks like Luis Miguel has definitely moved on! There has been talk about him supposedly dating Argentine actress Lucila Polak (she also happens to be Al Pacino‘s ex) and now there is photographic proof that the two are spending time together. Hola Argentina has published this photo of the apparent couple strolling along in Las […]

Fernando Colunga Delivering Pizzas in Chicago

Who wouldn’t want a pizza delivered from Fernando Colunga?? Check out this photo that we got of the novela actor shooting scenes of Porque el Amor Manda in Chicago. His character comes to the US in search of the American dream and delivers pizza to make a living. So, LatinGossipers in Chicago keep your eyes […]