August Latin Gossip Archives

RegionalMex Roberto Tapia Horacio Palencia Giveaway is celebrating their one year anniversary and to make it big they have some really great giveaways planned! First off, is Roberto Tapia‘s awesome black hat and Horacio Palencia‘s red shirt that he wore in his second music video! Both of them autographed! CLICK HERE for your chance to win!!

Tego Calderon Denies Death Rumors

He’s alive!! After rumors spread like wildfire about his supposed death, Tego Calderon has come out to say that his heart is still beating. The reason for his “dying” wasn’t given, but it’s a relief to know he is OK. No RIP for TC just yet.

Samo Talks Scandalous Camila Photos

So what does Samo have to say?? The only member of Camila not involved in the “scandalous” photos that got leaked says the pics are no big deal at all. He told El Universal: “I haven’t talked to them, but I don’t think it’s important to them, I think that photos like these are nothing […]

Paulina Rubio Says No To Mario Quintero

Last week we reported that Jesus Navarro of Reik is going to be the mentor joining Paulina Rubio‘s team on La Voz Mexico 2. Well, things could have been very different. It turns out that she had the chance to work with legendary vocalist Mario Quintero of Los Tucanes de Tijuana – but she turned […]

Aaron Diaz & Lola Ponce Expecting

Aaron Diaz is going to be a dad! His girlfriend Lola Ponce is pregnant! The “is she or is she not?” rumor came out a few weeks ago – and he just confirmed the news! She is 14 weeks pregnant. At this time the couple have no plans on getting married. Congrats!!