August Latin Gossip Archives

Jowell Embarrassed Over Insulting Video

Puerto Rican star Jowell crossed the line and he knows it! He was in a Maryland restaurant when he decided to be a prankster and sing romantically to the Asian waitress attending him. Except there was NOTHING romantic about the lyrics. In fact, they were downright disrespectful, vulgar, and shocking. She laughed it off, obviously […]

Marlene Favela Signs Exclusively With Telemundo

Another actress becomes property of Telemundo! Marlene Favela has signed an exclusive deal with the network. Her first gig is on El Rostro de la Venganza. It was rumored that she would be replacing Elizabeth Gutierrez but the official word is that she is taking on a new character in the novela.

David Chocarro Talks Elizabeth Gutierrez’s Exit

So what does David Chocarro have to say?? LatinGossip broke the story about Elizabeth Gutierrez leaving El Rostro De La Venganza and the protagonist of the novela spoke to People En Español about his thoughts on all of this. He said: “I think all changes are good and there is a reason for them. The […]

Don Omar Cancels on Premios Tu Mundo

Whomp whomp. Don Omar was one of the most anticipated artists of Premios Tu Mundo, but unfortunately he had to bail out. He was called by the courts to present himself in a legal case that he cannot miss out on. Hey, it’s best not to mess with law. The urban music star apologized and […]

Jenni Rivera a Grandmother Twice

Congrats to Jenni Rivera! The Diva de la Banda is a grandma for the second time! Her son Michael now has a daughter named Luna Amira Marin Ibarra. That clan just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! Welcome to this crazy world, Luna!