August Latin Gossip Archives

Banda El Recodo Bus Flips Over

Banda El Recodo was involved in a serious accident early Friday morning. Their bus flipped over and the musical group was thrown around and injured – and quickly taken to the hospital by paramedics. The pictures tell a terrifying story! We pray for their recovery.

Alejandro Sanz on Para Todos Cover

He’s got a new album and with that comes tons of publicity! One of Alejandro Sanz‘s first stop is on the cover of Para Todos. Loving this masculine and classy look and pose! We hope to feel this vibe with the new music too!

Espinoza Paz Gets Braces Off

Check out that smile! Espinoza Paz finally got his braces off! The singer is debuting his great teethy smile and this is one of the first pics of the new look! The wait was worth it!

Anahi Speaks About Thalia in New Interview

So what does Anahi think of Thalia?? The singer was asked by Glamour magazine to share her opinion about Thalis. CLICK HERE to read what she had to say!

Rafael Jose Back on TV After Health Scare

Rafael Jose just overcame a major battle with his health. The TV host, who used to be on Despierta America, is doing much better now after being diagnosed with Enterovesical Fistula. It is defined as an abnormal passage between two internal organs or from an internal organ to the body surface. It wasn’t an easy […]