May Latin Gossip Archives

Jorge Salinas Opens up About His Mom’s Passing

Jorge Salinas has opened up about the recent passing of his mother. He shared the following words: “Thank you to everyone who has given us support, energy, and love. On behalf of my father and my brothers, thank you. May you always be blessed. I don’t have words that can say how I am doing […]

Eugenio Derbez to Marry in an Airplane

Taking their wedding to a whole new level! Literally a new level…as in 35,000 feet! According to Notimex, Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo are supposedly getting married in an airplane! The couple will say I do on July 1st in the skies before their televised wedding on the ground. Maybe right from there they can […]

Dulce Maria Covers Cosmopolitan

On the cover of Cosmopolitan! Dulce Maria struck a sweet pose for the magazine and the result looks great. CLICK HERE to see!

Eduardo Yañez in Amores Verdaderos

He’s coming back! Eduardo Yañez has basically disappeared from the spotlight but he is now confirmed to return to our televisions. The actor has booked the lead in the novela Amores Verdaderos. Congrats! By the way, this is yet another remake. The original novela is called Amor en Custodia.

Cristian Castro Bombs With Rodrigo Joke in Argentina

He took it just a little too far! Cristian Castro performed in Córdoba, Argentina this weekend and everything was going well until he touched on the subject of singer Rodrigo Bueno. He said he was “a little like Rodrigo” and followed up that statement with a dance mocking him, but nobody laughed. To try and […]