May Latin Gossip Archives

Tigres’ Eduardo Hernandez Paternity Problem

Tiger daddy problems? Eduardo Hernandez of Los Tigres Del Norte is being sued over child support! Apparently he was a part of the child’s life then just disappeared. CLICK HERE to read the story.

America Ferrera Inspiring Young Latinos to Vote

Doing her part. America Ferrera has signed up to voice a campaign for this year’s upcoming elections. The actress will be participating in ads to promote voting among young Latinos, regardless of party affiliation. Let’s do what she says – VOTE! Collectively, we are a powerful group that can alter the course of this country […]

Fernando Colunga Not Becoming a Dad

There was a rumor going ’round that Fernando Colunga was going to be a dad. Actually the scoop was that he was going to become a father via a surrogate mom – the same process as Ricky Martin. Of course, this was also leading people to assume certain things about his sexuality. Well, it turns […]

Don Omar Booed Over One Hour Concert

Some Don Omar fans were not too happy with him! According to some media, D.O. performed in Los Angeles and rocked the crowd but then got booed at the end! You see, he only rocked the crowd for an hour. Maybe it’s because we weren’t there, but if an artist performs their butt off for […]

Daddy Yankee – Pasarela LISTEN

Daddy Yankee has released his new one! First he got the girls to pose with Pose and now he’s giving the ladies a reason to strutt their stuff while they walk with the single Pasarela. So who is modelo 1, modelo 2, and modelo 3??? CLICK HERE to listen to the track!