March Latin Gossip Archives

Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull – Dance Again (1st LISTEN)

Here is Jennifer Lopez‘s latest! It’s called Dance Again and it features Pitbull. Upbeat, energetic, and fun for the clubs. Looks like they are trying to repeat the success of the smash On The Floor. CLICK HERE to listen to it!

Jencarlos Canela Achieves World Record

Jencarlos Canela. Actor. Singer. World record holder?! JC was officially recognized with a Guinness World Record title. For what, you ask?? For gathering the most flags from around the world during at Miami’s Carnaval. Sure, not the most exciting of records, but how many people can say they own a world record??!

Maite Perroni & Mane de la Parra’s Fashion Date

Maite Perroni & Mane de la Parra are each busy doing their own things yet somehow they manage to make time for their relationship. Where did the couple hit the town on an interesting date? CLICK HERE to read the story.

Ana Claudia Talancón Secretly Married

We think we know it all about celebs…and we try to keep up but sometimes they do a good job of keeping some things secret. Well, Ana Claudia Talancón did just that. Mexican media reports that while she was talking to the press she revealed that she already married José María de Tavira! So this […]

Montserrat Oliver Has Shoe Mishap on Catwalk

Oops! Montserrat Oliver was strutting her stuff down the catwalk and tripped her show right off! Embarrassing?? Sure, maybe a little…but she handled it like a pro. She laughed it off and then stopped to put the shoe back on! She’s wild and carefree and could probably care less.