March Latin Gossip Archives

José Baldenegro Valdez of Enigma Norteño Murdered

Tragic. José Baldenegro Valdez, member of Enigma Norteño, was kidnapped and the worst outcome has come true. He was found dead. CLICK HERE to read the story.

Belanova Accused of Plagiarism

Did Belanova plagiarize?? The trio group is being accused of stealing the melody of the late Consuelo Velázquez‘s song Amar y Vivir for their song Hasta El Final. The living heir of Ms. Velázquez’s music says that Belanova simply changed the lyrics to the song and claimed it as their own. We heard both tracks […]

Don Omar Insults Yomo Then Apologizes

We love us Don Omar but sometimes he can definitely lose his cool! The urban music superstar put reggaeton artist Yomo on blast on Twitter and it was all over a misunderstanding! Someone, not Yomo, sent D.O. a picture of themselves with a cardboard crown on and said ‘Yomo salutes el rey’. Don Omar figured […]

Pitbull’s Style Evolution

What a difference a few years can make! Pitbull has not only attacked the charts with his music – he is nominated fourteen times at this years Premios Billboard – his style has gone through an evolution that has taken him from urban wear to black tie elegance. Gone are the jeans, the baggy shirts, […]

Alejandro Chaban Chosen by Dr Oz to Inspire Latin Youth

Did we call it or did we call it?? Just a few days ago we called Alejandro Chaban the Latino Dr. Oz and the two met this morning on Despierta America. In fact, Dr. Oz was so moved by Alejandro’s initiatives to help young Latinos live a healthy life that he invited him to be […]