February Latin Gossip Archives

Natalia, Miguel, David, Sergio, & Ana on Número 1

This just looks amazing!!! Spain will soon have the great fortune of getting to watch the show El Número 1. The judges panel features some of our favorites like Natalia Jimenez, Miguel Bose, Sergio Dalma, David Bustamante and Ana Torroja. The teaser for the show builds the anticipation with the dramatic walks of the stars!! […]

Candela Ferro Returns With Las 3 Caras de la Moneda

It’s great that Latinos have more and more choices on TV. MegaTV has premiered a new show called Las 3 Caras de la Moneda. It’s hosted by Candela Ferro, Leticia Callava, and Olga Dager. The ladies will each give their perspectives, inputs, and opinions on many topics such as hard-hitting news, politics, and pop culture […]

Genesis Rodriguez, El Puma, & Will Ferrell Make Arepas

Genesis Rodriguez and Will Ferrell stopped by Despierta America to promote their joint film Casa De Mi Padre. They had some kind of miscommunication when making Venezuelan arepas so who came to the rescue??? El Puma! It was a cute segment of translating and cooking. CLICK HERE to watch!

Roselyn Sanchez Publishes Pic of Her Daughter

Pleasing her fans and protecting her baby all at the same time! Roselyn Sanchez published the pic you see here of ‘tío’ Amaury Nolasco holding her daughter Sebella Rose. Sure, we only get to see the top of her head…but something is something!

Luis Miguel’s 30 Years Celebrated By Quien

Not too many stars get to say that they have reached 30 years of an artistic career as successful as Luis Miguel! On that note, Quién magazine celebrates the many decades of his singing for all of us with a special article on all things Luismi – what he’s like and how he behaves and […]