January Latin Gossip Archives

El Talisman Delivers Ratings on Its Premiere

A successful first day! El Talisman, starring Blanca Soto, Rafael Novoa, and Aaron Díaz, delivered the highest US produced novela premiere! It reached 5 million total viewers! Compared to Eva Luna, the last Venevision novela production in collaboration with Univision Studios, last night’s premiere delivered 14% more total viewers. Impressive! Did you watch?? More importantly, […]

David Zepeda Wanted in Spain

Are we in danger of losing him??? David Zepeda has quickly become one of the top leading men in the Latin entertainment industry. So much, in fact, that Europe is calling for him! Apparently the actor has been approached by producers in Spain to be the protagonist of a novela across the Atlantic. He is […]

Jacky Bracamontes & Martin Fuentes Are Most Attractive

Mexico’s most attractive couple? Quién magazine has published a list of the ten most attractive couples and they selected Jacqueline Bracamontes and Martin Fuentes for the cover! It’s only been six months since they married and they are already one of the most beloved pairings. We do love them in this shot! What do you […]

Walter Mercado Left Ohio For Puerto Rico

Last we reported, Walter Mercado was hospitalized in Ohio and rumored to have died. Now it is being reported that he has since been released and is back in Puerto Rico. Man, he couldn’t wait to get out of the OH, huh? We certainly hope this means he is feeling better after having suffered a […]

Ricardo Arjona Takes Son Surfing

Too adorable! Ricardo Arjona had some fun on the water with his baby boy. The singer-songwriter took his son out surfing to already teach him how to hang ten! Picture perfect!