November Latin Gossip Archives

Dulce Maria & Mane de la Parra on ERES Cover

A double whammy!! Dulce Maria and Mane de la Parra are both on the cover of ERES this month. Both are looking good! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Together in Paris

Paris is synonymous with love. That’s why we’re not all that surprised to see Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling strolling romantically in the city. Actually, Ryan went to visit Eva since she is filming a movie there…and the two held hands as they visited a cemetery in the capital of France. We would so want […]

Residente of Calle 13 Gets Cell Phone to the Face

That had to hurt!! While performing on stage in Bolivia, Residente of Calle 13 was hit in the face with a cell phone!! Ooooh, that might have left a mark. The singer explains that he didn’t have time to catch it and that the person didn’t throw it to hit him…instead he wanted him to […]

Laura Bozzo Apologizes to Luis Fonsi

Laura Bozzo is sorry!! After calling Luis Fonsi a disgusting rat and telling women not to buy his music, the TV host is now saying she was wrong to say that. She says that she realizes it wasn’t correct to meddle in Fonsi and Adamari Lopez‘s business and that she is very impulsive in the […]

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Canoodling in Hawaii

She can give all the vague answers she wants…this basically proves it here!! TMZ snapped Jennifer Lopez and her new beau Casper Smart enjoying some fun with her son in the sun in Hawaii. Mami is just having a good time!!