November Latin Gossip Archives

Alejandro Sanz Honored by Spanish Royals

Nice recognition! Alejandro Sanz was honored at the Gold Medals of Merit in Fine Arts ceremony at the El Pardo Palace in Madrid. The Spanish singer flew from Mexico, where he is shooting La Voz Mexico, to receive this award personally from King Juan Carlos of Spain. David Bisbal, a longtime friend of Alejandro’s, also […]

Gaby Spanic Dumps Married Boyfriend

Someone double crossed la usurpadora!! Gaby Spanic reveals that she broke up with her boyfriend. Why, you ask???? He was married and had two daughters…and he failed to share those details with Gaby! Pa’ fuera! Pa’ la calle!

Laura Bozzo Under Fire For Calling Guest Putita

This has not been Laura Bozzo‘s week! She has inserted her foot in the mouth again!! After insulting Luis Fonsi and later apologizing for it the TV host is now under fire for having called a female guest on her show a ‘putita’ and a ‘prosti’! There is now an online movement to get her […]

Behind The Scenes of Una Maid en Manhattan

This is a neat vid! Telemundo‘s Una Maid en Manhattan premieres tonight and usually the promotional videos for novelas show us the actors talking about their roles and bla bla bla. This time we bring you something different. The video here takes us behind the scenes of the novela and how the network brought New […]

Victor Noriega Upsets With Anorexic Comment

Victor Noriega has dug a hole and placed himself in it. The actor tweeted the following message: “The anorexics acting as if nothing is going on but I AM HUNGRY”. The words have hit hard for some people but he has yet to respond in any way whatsoever. Ironically, Victor is acting in the novela […]