October Latin Gossip Archives

Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Carmen Jara

We’re just going to say it – Carmen Jara can be really cheesy at times. BUT she really surprised us at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards! The singer toned down the cheese and dressed in an fancy and finely fitted number – plus the color is different which is always a plus. Great job!!

Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Paquita La Del Barrio

You know, we really like what Paquita La Del Barrio wore to the Billboard Mexican Music Awards. The usually-sequins-clad singer went a little less dramatic time with a nice flowy stamped cape that is suitable for her age and shape.

Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Maritza Rodriguez

This sort of feels outdated to us. The dress, the hair…oh my gosh, even the pose is like it came for 20 years ago! Maritza Rodriguez‘s beauty is frozen in time but so was her red carpet look at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards.

Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Gerardo Ortiz

It is called Billboard Mexican Music Awards so wearing a hat like this is absolutely fine!! Gerardo Ortiz decided to go dressed in Regional Mexican wear to the award show – it is perfect for the occasion – and paired it off with a casual blue shirt and a fancy velour jacket. Nice!!

Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Azucena Cierco

A simple black dress is almost always a safe bet…but this one isn’t that simple. Azucena Cierco showed off her lovely figure in this dark laced number which was very elegant and paired it off perfectly with a pair of chandelier earrings.