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Belinda & Her Mom Almost Assaulted

Belinda experienced something terrifying on Wednesday night. She says that she and her mother were almost mugged!! Nothing else is really known at this point, but Beli says she is and mom are doing fine. Shaken up, but fine. What a horrible thing to happen or almost happen. Especially with your mom there because you […]

Jackie Bracamontes’ Low Key Bachelorette Party

Take a look at this pic of Jacqueline Bracamontes with her friends. Pretty tame, right? It’s actually from her bachelorette party!! The actress already said she didn’t want anything wild and instead wanted to go shopping and good conversation with her pals over dinner and wasdddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Sorry, we feel asleep on the keyboard. Come on, […]

Karla, Cynthia, & Zuleyka Cover Caras

Triple up the beautiful Latina meter! Karla Monroig, Zuleyka Rivera, and Cynthia Olavarria posed together for the cover of Caras mag. Three Puerto Rican beauties that make our hearts beat faster! Loving this cover!

Lucero Denies Mom is Sick Again

This is a relief. There was a rumor going around that Lucero‘s mom had fallen ill again and that her cancer had come back, but thankfully it’s not true. Lucero clears it up by saying: “Oh God, my mom’s cancer did not come back, and she didn’t cut her hair for the supposed chemotherapy. She […]

Javier Colon Wins NBC’s The Voice

Congratulations Javier Colon! The singer, of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, won NBC’s The Voice on Wednesday night! His new song Stitch By Stitch is a pretty tune which shows off his impressive vocals! Se lo merece!