December Latin Gossip Archives

Melina Leon Jinxed Divorce On Herself

Melina Leon cursed herself! The Puerto Rican singer is getting a divorce and the worst part of all is that she jinxed the whole thing! Last year, she played a prank on Escandalo TV by saying she and her husband had split. It was all part of a joke for Día De Los Inocentes. One […]

Ana Barbara in Fraud Mess

2010 is almost over but that doesn’t mean Ana Barbara can’t squeeze in another scandal before time runs out. The singer is now in another heap of trouble after a judge ordered the arrest of her rep for fraud. Ana B was supposed to performed at an event in Bolivia in November but never showed […]

Marc Anthony Came to Agreement With Tax Man

Marc Anthony responded quickly to the news about the millions he owes in unpaid taxes. He sent out a press release with the following info: “Marc Anthony and his current financial team recently came to an agreement to resolve all of the debts in federal taxes.” Last time the singer found himself in this situation […]

Andres Calamaro Denies Cheating

Andres Calamaro is fed up and he’s not taking it anymore! The Argentine rocker is being accused of cheating on his wife, the mother of his three-year-old daughter, with a young model. Although this sounds like a very rockstar thing to do, he is denying it completely and released the following statement: “I defend myself […]

Jorge Ramos Mourns Dog Sunset

Jorge Ramos wrote something very special about his dog Sunset who passed away recently. It’s a tough read, especially the end. CLICK HERE for it. RIP, Sunset.