September Latin Gossip Archives

Ludwika Paleta is Single and Happy

Having your love life be entertainment for the general public is not easy. That’s exactly what Ludwika Paleta‘s relationships have been like…always under the watchful eye of the media. Well, in a new interview she talks about currently being single but happy. She said: “You can’t depend on anyone or anything to be happy, be […]

2010 Hispanic Heritage Award Winners

Washington DC was THE place to be on Wednesday night. The Hispanic Heritage Awards were celebrated in a big way with special awards going out to those who represented and upheld our people the best in the last year. Alejandro Sanz received the Vision award for using his celebrity to promote charitable works and America […]

Sebastian Zurita Living The Single Life Nicely

This is one to jot down. Televisa Espectaculos reports that Sebastian Zurita has had ten girlfriends in less than two years. Is it because he’s a dog or because he’s a bad lover?? Anyway, if he’s had ten girlfriends, how many one night stands do you think he’s had?? Play on player…just wrap it up!

Jenni Rivera Explains More About Undeclared Cash

You may remember last year when Jenni Rivera was detained at the airport for having 52 thousand undeclared dollars on her. Crazy cash! The case has finally reached the judge and it appears a decision will be made soon regarding the verdict. In recent days, the folks who had hired her to sing prior to […]

Eva Longoria Raises $540,000 For Haiti

Fantastic!! Eva Longoria held an auction on Twitter with the help of her celebrity friends. It turned out to be a huge success! She was able to raise $540,000 and the money will go toward helping those in need in Haiti. Very inspiring.