September Latin Gossip Archives

Jenni Rivera’s Wedding on People En Español Cover

It’s wedding month for the mags. November is the much-awaited People En Español issue with Jenni Rivera and Esteban Loaiza‘s wedding. What a grand day for the two of them and she looks better than ever!

Edith Gonzalez’s Wedding Exclusive on Hola Cover

Lovely cover! Hola magazine shows the exclusive pictures from Edith Gonzalez and Lorenzo Lazo‘s wedding! Crowns can be a risky accessory but here it looks very regal. What do you think??

Sergio Mayer VS Ari Borovoy

Garibaldi VS OV7! Sergio Mayer VS Ari Borovoy! It’s a fight of former musical group idols! Ari and Sergio are having a media battle of words right now. You see, Ari made a not-so-nice (but oh-so-funny) comment about the Garibaldi reunion. He joked: “It’s a bunch of old people singing and dancing 20-year-old tunes.” Sergio […]

Diego Torres in Dandruff Commercial

Who knew?! Diego Torres has been hawking anti-dandruff shampoo all over Latin America! In commercials, in magazine ads, and on billboards! So does Diego suffer from the white stuff or is he simply cashing another corporate check?? CLICK HERE to watch the commercial.

Carlos Baute Releasing New Album in November

It’s about time! Carlos Baute is releasing a new album in November. This after promoting the same single, Colgando en Tus Manos, for about two and a half years!! Amazingly, this will be his eighth album, but he still has to tread carefully because he is still in one-hit-wonder territory!