March Latin Gossip Archives

Ricky Martin Came Out Due To Revealing Pics?

So now that Ricky Martin is out of the closet, we expected a few other items to circulate as well. It didn’t take long. There are whispers going around that Ricky revealed his sexuality because a paparazzi photographer was shopping around pics of the singer that specifically show that he is gay. If that’s true […]

Shakira Saw Therapist Over Self-Esteem Issues

Shakira has admitted that she sought professional help to deal with low self-esteem issues. She says that she wasn’t comfortable with the way her body looks but has overcome that to love every inch of herself. Ummm…issues with her body? What’s NOT to like?? Hearing that she had issues with her body is giving us […]

Trouble For Lorena Herrera & Roberto Assad?

The rumor coming out of Mexico right now is that Lorena Herrera and Roberto Assad have split up. Apparently, a paparazzi photog caught Lorena a little to close for comfort with another dude. That does seem like it would bring troubles to their relationship but Roberto clears things up and says that they are still […]

Diego Maradona’s Dog Bites Him

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona underwent reconstructive surgery at a Buenos Aires clinic. What was he treated for? His lip! One of his pet dogs bit him and sent him straight to the hospital. We know a lot of soccer fans that wouldn’t mind making him bleed but the pup beat them to it! Hope […]

Selena Quintanilla. 15 Years.

Selena Quintanilla. 15 years without her. 15 years missing her.