February Latin Gossip Archives

Raphael Loses a Tooth While Singing

Click above to view video. Many of you have requested the video and, quite frankly, the world needs a little giggle. Singer Raphael lost a tooth while singing at Viña Del Mar this past week. Yup, he was delighting everyone with his voice when suddenly out comes one of his teeth! CLICK HERE to watch […]

Ricardo Arjona Not Injured in Chile Earthquake

After news broke out about the devastating earthquake in Chile, word spread that Ricardo Arjona had died in the disaster. Then the story changed and some media folk were saying that he was seriously injured during the quake. LatinGossip.com has confirmed with Ricardo’s manager that he is alive and well. Ricardo is not dead. Ricardo […]

Viña Del Mar Canceled Due To Earthquake

A massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit central Chile. The remainder of the music festival at Viña Del Mar has been canceled. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Chile and their loved ones waiting to hear from them.

Tito ‘El Bambino’ Begs For Awards at Viña

Click above to view video. Tito ‘El Bambino’ is being criticized by the media in Chile. He did a nice job of getting the audience to move during his performance at Viña Del Mar, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The one thing that many are talking about though is how much […]

Fonseca Going To Be a Father

Fonseca is going to be a father! The singer revealed that he is indeed expecting a baby with his girlfriend. Congratulations!