December Latin Gossip Archives

William Levy Takes On Hollywood

William Levy is known as the Latino Brad Pitt so it is only expected that he would be interested in Hollywood…not just novelas. Well, it appears that he has already started to make his move toward English-language films. He got cast in the movie Life In The Fastlane. Congrats! Audiences worldwide will soon get a […]

Escuchame: Tecupae & Cabas ‘Sueño Contigo’

Click above to view video. This song had been played all over Latin America and it finally reaches US radio. Tecupae, with a little help from Cabas, have a hit on their hands with the song Sueño Contigo. This tropical pop track is great for singing and dancing. CLICK HERE to watch the vid and […]

Laura Bozzo Will Get Married in 2010

They are back on and they are going to make it official! Laura Bozzo and Cristian Suarez, her young boy-toy of a few years, are getting married in 2010! They broke up a few months ago, but Laura’s cougar powers have lured the twenty-something younging back into her arms! We guess he really mi$$ed her.

Mayra Veronica’s Dog, Bambi, Passed Away

Model Mayra Veronica‘s favorite dog of 15 years, Bambi, passed away on Tuesday in her sleep. The tiny pooch was with Mayra through the ups and downs and, as you can imagine, she will be missed dearly. We send our best to Mayra…it’s not easy to lose a best friend of so many years.

William Levy Upset About Gay Rumors

A tabloid mag published a story that indicated that William Levy was into men. The actor was approached by an NXclusiva reporter and asked what he thought about the reports that he is gay…and he said: “No, que voy a saber yo de esa nota, o sea, ¿quién escribió esa nota?, un imbécil” Obviously, he […]