November Latin Gossip Archives

Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Raking In Money in Chile

Reports are coming out of Chile that Jennifer Lopez is getting 2.5 million dollars to give two separate performance in a casino in that country. DANNGGGG! Is Chile still that into Jennifer?? That’s a crazy amount of money! Is it worth it? Do you think the casino will make their money back on ticket sales???

Shakira Met With Michelle Bachelet

Shakira met with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to discuss initiatives for the children of Latin America. Shaki shared some very interesting facts about the kids on our region. She said that there are 35 million children in Latin America that don’t have any type of protection from the state whatsoever, meaning they are vulnerable to […]

Luis Fonsi Denying Love Affair Story

The last few months, Luis Fonsi has been accused of hooking up with this girl and that one…and it seems that he has had it! TVNotas published a story linking him to an Argentine chica and the singer has sent his attorneys after the mag! The lawyers sent out a press release which stated the […]

Ricky Martin in Scary Airplane Incident

Ricky Martin got a MAJOR scare on Sunday as he was traveling on an airplane that malfunctioned. He wrote on Twitter: “Was supposed to travel today. Taking off we hear a loud sound (not to call it explosion) coming from the back of the plane followed by crazy heat…the cabin got depressurized. Not fun. Flew […]

Juanes Awarded Colombia’s National Peace Prize

Juanes was awarded Colombia’s annual National Peace Prize on Sunday for his work for landmine victims and his efforts to improve understanding between peoples. He received this year’s honor because he is “the artist most involved with the problems generated by the armed conflict in Colombia” and because of his efforts to improve understanding between […]