September Latin Gossip Archives

Pic of Jose Hernandez Tweeting From Space

We are so proud of and inspired by astronaut Jose Hernandez who flew on The Discovery and even sent messages via Twitter from there. Many of us wondered how he did it and here is a pic of him uploading his messages and sending tweets from space! Pretty amazing pic if you ask us!

Claudia Lizaldi is Pregnant

TV host Claudia Lizaldi is pregnant, she has confirmed. She says she feels great and is very excited about this next stage in her life. Congrats!

Shakira Admits Nose Job

Apparently, Shakira has come clean about the plastic surgery procedure that she has undergone. She supposedly admitted that she got her nose done, which is really no big deal…especially in the world of celebrity. Almost every famoso out there has had a knife touch their nose.

Cristian Castro Pleasures Himself Three Times a Week

Seriously, why did he even bring this up? We like to know everything about our fave famosos but this is excessive. Cristian Castro gave too much information in a recent interview and supposedly revealed that he masturbates three times a week and that, in fact, he prefers to pleasure himself than have sex with a […]

Alicia Machado Says She Hid Drugged Pablo Montero

Alicia Machado just threw Pablo Montero under the bus BIG time! While talking to reporters in Mexico she said: “A few times I found him drugged in Miami and I had to take him out of a few bars so that you wouldn’t see him. It was a favor I did for him.” Why would […]