September Latin Gossip Archives

Luis Fonsi To Perform at Nobel Peace Prize Concert

WOW! The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that Luis Fonsi will be a featured performer at the 16th annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert on December 11th in Oslo, Norway at the Oslo Spektrum arena. Represent!!

Pablo Montero Fires Back at Alicia Machado

Pablo Montero has responded to the comments Alicia Machado made about his drug use. He gets back at her by saying: “If we’re going to talk about drugs, then we should let her talk first.” Oh snap! That totally is trying to indicate that she might be using/did use drugs, too! Alicia, you should have […]

Escuchame : Sergio Vallin ‘Solo Tu’

Click above to view image. Sergio Vallin, the guitarist of Mana, has released his first single as a solo artist, Solo Tu, with Raquel Del Rosario singing the vocals. Just because he is on his own it doesn’t meant that the band is breaking up. This is just a side project. Phew! Although the guitar […]

Parents Say Kate Del Castillo is Not Pregnant

Kate Del Castillo is NOT pregnant, according to her parents. There are rumors that she and Aaron Diaz got married in a quickie shotgun wedding because she is with baby, but her mom and pop say that is absolutely not true. Interestingly enough, they said that they wish she was pregnant. We hate to say […]

Pitbull on the Cover of The Source

Pitbull is on the cover of The Source featured as crossover king. That’s exactly what he is right now! This has definitely been his year! Aside from his infectious solo hits, Pit is soon to be featured in songs with Jennifer Lopez and Paulina Rubio. We especially like the headline in the top right hand […]