July Latin Gossip Archives

Shakira Would Record Duet With Robert Pattinson

Don’t be surprised if Shakira and Robert Pattinson sing a duet together in the future. Someone from Shaki’s label informed her that the Twilight star is also a musician and when asked if she would record a duet with him, her response was ‘Why not?’. Can you imagine? Was she just being nice or is […]

Christian Chavez Goes Solo

Another former RBD-er is coming out with a solo CD. Christian Chavez has been signed to EMI Music, but no details have been provided as to when the CD is due to be released. That leaves only Maite Perroni and Alfonso Herrera with the desire to do go solo musically. What do you think Christian’s […]

Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido Separated?

UPDATE : Don Omar has denied that he is getting divorced. Reports are coming in that Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido are dunzo!! Sources close to the couple have spoken with Primera Hora and revealed that Jackie moved out of the NYC pad they shared and is once again living in Miami with her two […]

Anahi Will Do Reality Show To Search For Best Friend

Anahi is looking for a best friend the same way Paris Hilton did…via a reality show. We’re not sure why she is doing this, especially since she is looking to release a solo album. If we were part of her management, we wouldn’t have allowed this. She already has fame…it’s time to focus on music […]

LatinGossip.com Turns Three Years Old!

LatinGossip.com turned three years old in July! Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday LatinGossip, happy birthday to us! We can’t believe we’ve been at this for three years! Like any good celebrity enjoying their moment in the spotlight, we must thank those around us. Thanks to all of our colleagues in […]