May Latin Gossip Archives

Diego Luna VS The Paparazzi

Diego Luna has had it with the paparazzi. He says that the photographers who invade his private life should be penalized. Maybe he is upset that he was snapped being a little too friendly with Irene Azuela recently. He does make a strong point though when talking about how he was followed after the birth […]

Jennifer Lopez’s Reality Show Gets Shelved

It looks like the Jennifer Lopez reality show will never see the light of day. Apparently, TLC execs wanted and in-depth look at Jen and Marc Anthony‘s life…including their kids. Jen just wanted to create a show about her many different business ventures and definitely leave her private life out of it. She for sure […]

Thalia Returns With Show For Moms

Carlos Anaya also learned that Thalia will also form part of the Vme family with her own show for moms and kids. Here’s the low down – Thalia interacts with eebee, the baby’s baby – in engaging shorts based on the latest early child development research that helps parents of infants aged 6 months and […]

Facundo and Lorena Herrera are Liars

Stuff like this makes us angry. For many years, Lorena Herrera and television host Facundo have been known to ‘hate’ each other. Their rivalry has been discussed many many times by the media. As it turns out, it is all fake. Facundo admitted that he and Lorena agreed to disagree for publicity. So, what else […]

Ricky Martin Returning With Serious Documentary

Our NYC correspondent, Carlos Anaya, was recently invited to the Vme Network Television upfront where they showcased the upcoming programming for the year. While there, he found out that Ricky Martin will be coming back into the spotlight. Ricky has a special airing on Vme titled Vivir en Libertad: Lucha Contra La Trata de Personas […]