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Paty Manterola Did Not Date Padre Alberto

Ha! This is a good one! Unreliable sources are reporting that Paty Manterola used to date Padre Alberto. Nobody knows how this rumor got started…but it is false. She has denied it herself. Padre Alberto wishes he got a piece of Paty!

Kalimba Disses Daughter’s Care With Low Offer

Does Kalimba not realize how expensive it is to raise a child? His ex spoke with Quien and said that the singer offered her 270 dollars monthly in child support for the care of their daughter. 270 dollars monthly!! What a slap to the face! If he didn’t want to face the realities of raising […]

Belinda Says Insulting Audio is Fake

There is some audio floating around the net of Belinda supposedly insulting her parents, her fans, and the producer of the novela she is participating in. We heard the audio and while it does sound like her, we must say that it is a bit exaggerated. We don’t think she would go on saying such […]

Shalim Ortiz in Maneater This Weekend

Shalim Ortiz keeps on representing us in Hollywood. This time he stars in the mini-series Maneater on the Lifetime network. Don’t miss it! It comes in two parts this weekend…9 pm on both May 30th and 31st.